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Kevin ten Haaf

Assistant Professor
Kevin ten Haaf

Research group

Evaluation of screening
Kevin ten Haaf

As a mathematical modeler, my research primarily focusses on modelling the natural-history of diseases and developing and evaluating methods for risk-stratification in screening based on individual characteristics. I currently do this within the U.S. National Cancer Institute’s CISNET consortium, the 4-IN-THE-LUNG-RUN consortium and through my VENI research project on developing dynamic risk-based screening policies.

Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam
Internal post address Na-2401
P.O. Box 2040
3000 CA Rotterdam

Visitor address:

Erasmus MC
Room no.: NA-24th floor
Dr. Molewaterplein 40
3015 GD Rotterdam

My main research interests are:

  • Decision-analytic modeling of healthcare strategies
  • Risk-stratification
  • Personalized screening

Most of my work is funded via the Dutch Research Council (personal Veni grant), the U.S. National Institute of Health/National Cancer Institute (CISNET Consortium), the European Union (4-IN-THE-LUNG RUN, Horizon 2020) and Cancer Research UK (SELECT).

Publications list

Most relevant publications

A Comparative Modeling Analysis of Risk-Based Lung Cancer Screening Strategies

ten Haaf K, Bastani M, Cao P, Jeon J, Toumazis I, Han SS, Plevritis SK, Blom EF, Kong CY, Tammemägi MC, Feuer EJ, Meza R, de Koning HJ.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Reduced Lung-Cancer Mortality with Volume CT Screening in a Randomized Trial.

de Koning HJ, van der Aalst CM, de Jong PA, Scholten ET, Nackaerts K, Heuvelmans MA, Lammers JJ, Weenink C, Yousaf-Khan U, Horeweg N, van ’t Westeinde S, Prokop M, Mali WP, Mohamed Hoesein FAA, van Ooijen PMA, Aerts JGJV, den Bakker MA, Thunnissen E, Verschakelen J, Vliegenthart R, Walter JE, ten Haaf K, Groen HJM, Oudkerk M.

New England Journal of Medicine

Risk prediction models for selection of lung cancer screening candidates: A retrospective validation study.

ten Haaf K, Jeon J, Tammemägi MC, Han SS, Kong CY, Plevritis SK, Feuer EJ, de Koning HJ, Steyerberg EW, Meza R.

PLOS Medicine

Performance and Cost-Effectiveness of Computed Tomography Lung Cancer Screening Scenarios in a Population-Based Setting: A Microsimulation Modeling Analysis in Ontario, Canada.

ten Haaf K, Tammemägi MC, Bondy SJ, van der Aalst CM, Gu S, McGregor SE, Nicholas G, de Koning HJ, Paszat LF.

PLOS Medicine

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