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Reinier G.S. Meester

Assistant Professor
Reinier G.S. Meester

Research group

Evaluation of screening
Reinier G.S. Meester

I am an Assistant Professor in Public Health with almost 10 years of research experience. My career goal is to improve population health through advanced computational and data-analytic approaches. Common sources of information include demographic, epidemiologic, economic, clinical, and biological data; research methodology draws from decision and data sciences.

A primary research interest is personalized prevention of cancer, with a focus on colorectal cancer, liver cancer, and stomach cancer.  For colorectal cancer, our work has informed both national and international screening policy. Recently, I co-initiated a new research line around mental health promotion. The research is conducted in collaboration with diverse clinical and methodological research groups worldwide.

2019 Postdoc. Health systems modeling, Stanford University.
2017 Ph.D. Health sciences, Erasmus University.
2009 M.S. Econometrics, University of Amsterdam.
2007 B.S. Operations research & econometrics, University of Amsterdam.

Dr.Molewaterplein 40
3015 GD Rotterdam

Primary Investigator. NIH #. Comparative modeling of gastric cancer disparities and prevention in the US and globally.

Co-Investigator. RIVM. National evaluation of colorectal cancer screening.

Co-Investigator. NIH #U01 CA253913. Comparative Modeling of Effective Policies for Colorectal Cancer Control.

Co-Investigator. NIH #R01 CA243449. Optimizing colorectal cancer prevention: a multi-disciplinary, population-based investigation of serrated polyps using risk prediction and modelling.


Publications list

Most relevant publications

Impact of assumptions on future costs, disutility and mortality in cost-effectiveness analysis; a model exploration.

Omidvari AH, Lansdorp-Vogelaar I, de Koning HJ, Meester RGS.

PLoS One

Colorectal Cancer Screening: An Updated Modeling Study for the US Preventive Services Task Force.

Knudsen AB, Rutter CM, Peterse EFP, Lietz AP, Seguin CL, Meester RGS, Perdue LA, Lin JS, Siegel RL, Doria-Rose VP, Feuer EJ, Zauber AG, Kuntz KM, Lansdorp-Vogelaar I.


COVID-19 and cancer.

Sharpless NE.(editorial including our analyses)


Comparing the Cost-Effectiveness of Innovative Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests.

Peterse EFP, Meester RGS, de Jonge L, Omidvari AH, Alarid-Escudero F, Knudsen AB, Zauber AG, Lansdorp-Vogelaar I.

J Natl Cancer Inst

Prevalence and Clinical Features of Sessile Serrated Polyps: A Systematic Review.

Meester RGS, van Herk MMAGC, Lansdorp-Vogelaar I, Ladabaum U.


High-Intensity Versus Low-Intensity Surveillance for Patients With Colorectal Adenomas: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis.

Meester RGS, Lansdorp-Vogelaar I, Winawer SJ, Zauber AG, Knudsen AB, Ladabaum U.

Ann Intern Med

Trends in Incidence and Stage at Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer in Adults Aged 40 Through 49 Years, 1975-2015.

Meester RGS, Mannalithara A, Lansdorp-Vogelaar I, Ladabaum U.


The impact of the rising colorectal cancer incidence in young adults on the optimal age to start screening: Microsimulation analysis I to inform the American Cancer Society colorectal cancer screening guideline.

Peterse EFP, Meester RGS, Siegel RL, Chen JC, Dwyer A, Ahnen DJ, Smith RA, Zauber AG, Lansdorp-Vogelaar I.


Optimizing colorectal cancer screening by race and sex: Microsimulation analysis II to inform the American Cancer Society colorectal cancer screening guideline.

Meester RGS, Peterse EFP, Knudsen AB, de Weerdt AC, Chen JC, Lietz AP, Dwyer A, Ahnen DJ, Siegel RL, Smith RA, Zauber AG, Lansdorp-Vogelaar I.


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